The sky is not the limit


Carrying the largest telescope ever flown in space with a main mirror 3.5 m across, Herschel is studying the cool Universe. It is probing the formation of stars and galaxies across the history of the Universe, and investigating their interaction with the interstellar medium. It was launched on Ariane 5 on May 14th 2009.

PROBA2 is the second of ESA's 'PRoject for OnBoard Autonomy' spacecraft, part of ESA's in-orbit Technology Demonstration Programme. Launched on 2 November 2009, the PROBA2 spacecraft carries a number of technology demonstrators as well as four scientific experiments that address topics in solar science and space weather.

The Proba-V satellite may only be slightly larger than a washing machine, but it is tasked with a full-scale mission. This miniature satellite is designed to map land cover and vegetation growth across the entire globe every two days. It was launched from Kourou, French-Guyana on a VEGA launcher on May 7th 2013

Proba-3 is the world’s ffirst precision formation flying mission. A pair of satellites will fly together maintaining a fixed configuration as a ‘large rigid structure’ in space to prove formation flying technologies. The two small satellites will be launched together at the end of 2018.

Reach for the stars


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